3 Signs an International School in Switzerland Is Suited to Your Child

November 21, 2022

As a parent, it can be a difficult time trying to navigate life and the best options for your child. As advocates for the individual child as well as the whole family, the team at ENSR works to reduce any stress, you may be feeling by ensuring a safe, supported, and individualised learning environment for your child.

It can be hard to determine whether or not an international school in Switzerland is best suited to your child’s needs. At ENSR, we take care to provide high-quality teaching and learning with qualified and competent teaching staff who are committed to their students. With a family-oriented atmosphere and no-nonsense approach to learning, students thrive as they understand what is expected of them while exploring their intellectual curiosities. Continue reading for some signs that our international school in Switzerland is well-suited to your child. 

1. Your Child is Naturally Curious and Eager to Learn

Students who have a level of natural curiosity tend to benefit the most from the rigorous academic curriculum at our Swiss International School. Our intimate school setting, featuring small class sizes, allows for much more individualised attention from our teaching staff. This helps students find the support they need in areas of improvement while allowing them to excel in their strengths. Additionally, our teaching approach is adapted to the individual needs of students, meeting them where they are academically. A natural eagerness to learn is a fantastic characteristic of many ENSR students, giving them additional motivation to collaborate with their peers, stay engaged in classroom activities, and absorb as much material as possible. 

Your curious child will thrive at our international school in Switzerland.

2. Your Child Shows an Interest in Bilingual School

If your child has exhibited an interest in adopting a second language or is fascinated by language learning, then our bilingual school will be a great fit for their aspirations. Language learning, especially from a young age, is incredibly beneficial for your child’s future. At ENSR, we promote multilingualism to local French-speaking Swiss-national students through the early introduction of English courses, followed by German. Students also have the opportunity to explore Spanish or Italian in Middle School. The bilingual learning environment at ENSR provides a level of open-mindedness, promotes a love of lifelong learning, and helps students connect on deeper levels. The international student body further supports these ideas and allows students to learn alongside peers from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures, which helps each student become a responsible and respectful global citizen.

Our bilingual learning environment helps students engage deeper in their academics.

3. Your Child Appreciates Nature

ENSR is situated in the beautiful French-speaking region of Switzerland near the magnificent Lake Geneva. Committed to the development of the whole child, ENSR promotes a number of outdoor activities that take advantage of access to such stunning natural resources. If your child loves being in nature and has an appreciation for the environment and the outdoors, then ENSR is the perfect place for them to grow personally and academically. The tranquillity and beauty of Switzerland is at students’ fingertips as they participate in a number of outdoor activities throughout the year. These include ski trips, sporting events, extracurricular activities outside, and more. Your child will have the opportunity to make amazing lifelong memories with Switzerland as the backdrop while advancing their education at ENSR.


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