Considering Swiss Private School? Four Ways Your Child Will Benefit from the Experience

July 9, 2021

Going to a private school in Switzerland is a truly unique experience to offer a child. Known for having one of the most highly-regarded educational models in the world, Switzerland is home to many international schools, including the École Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande (ENSR). ENSR prepares students to be able to tackle future societal challenges, whilst learning in a progressive, flexible environment that emphasises the development of individuality.

If you’re considering sending your child to a Swiss private school, here are four reasons to be confident that they’ll have a perfectly positive experience.

1. Switzerland Is Renowned For Its High Quality of Education

The Swiss educational model is one that prioritises the individual goals and desires of its students. For example, many Swiss schools offer students the opportunity to complete apprenticeships after finishing elementary school. Furthermore, these students can either enter the workforce or attend a tertiary institution once their apprenticeship has finished. This type of flexibility is a factor that sets the Swiss educational model apart from that of other nations. 

ENSR strives to follow this flexible model by allowing students from the high school age to work towards either the Swiss Maturity or the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The Swiss Maturity is a diploma accepted by all Swiss centres of tertiary education, with the International Baccalaureate accepted by universities across the globe. This is just one example of the unique format students can expect to experience at ENSR, rooted in its pursuit of academic excellence since 1906. Students will also receive personalised attention from a dedicated teaching staff to help each child achieve superior exam results and to become well-rounded individuals.

2. The Opportunity to Learn Various Languages

Switzerland is a country known for having four national languages spoken among its population: French, German, Italian, and Romansch. Given the country’s linguistic diversity, studying at a Swiss private school presents your child with an inspirational opportunity to learn a new language. ENSR is located in Lausanne within the country’s French-speaking region.

Learning a new language is another major benefit of studying at a Swiss private school

Students learn in a bilingual French-English environment with German introduced early on, in the primary school section.  Students have the option to learn additional languages from the middle school section onwards.

3. Living in a Beautiful and Safe Country Such as Switzerland

ENSR is located in Lausanne, the Olympic capital, Switzerland’s fourth-largest city, located 62 kilometres northeast of Geneva. The Swiss Alps are available for ENSR’s students to admire and explore, along with the chance to appreciate the country’s pristine architecture, distinctive trains, and ski resorts. Students can take part in any of our holiday camps during the school’s holiday months alongside students from all over the world: skiing, windsurfing, or summer camp in Champéry, located an hour southeast of Lausanne. 

Aside from its legendary natural beauty, it’s also well worth noting that Switzerland is known for being an extremely safe nation, boasting a low crime rate relative to many other countries. Furthermore, there are no outstanding health risks in the country to consider.

Lausanne is known for its safety and beauty

4. Going to a Swiss Private School Gives Students a Global Perspective

A school like ENSR emphasises teaching students about being responsible individuals in society, as well as being globally-minded thinkers, a mindset which is nurtured at our private boarding school in Lausanne, where your child will be living alongside students from all over the world. This allows them to learn about other cultures and nationalities in ways they otherwise wouldn’t likely experience. Our private school’s population of about 500 students learn about thinking globally, with an accent on viewing other cultures from an open-minded and mutually respectful perspective.

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