Middle School in Lausanne


Time for transition

Supporting the shift from childhood to teenage years by optimizing the potential of each student thanks to the constant guidance of the teaching staff.


  • Bilingual learning environment
  • Pedagogy following the Swiss system with a few contributions from the French system and additions specific to ENSR in order to ensure the students enjoy the best possible learning environment
  • Common Core syllabus of 13 subjects
  • Preparation for Cambridge English qualifications
  • Introduction to Latin in Year 7
  • Optional Italian and Spanish courses
  • Continued study of German
  • Monthly student reports
  • Optional extracurricular day activities after school
  • Meals – Middle school (French)


08:20 – 09:50ClassesClassesClassesClassesClasses
09:50 – 10:15BreakBreakBreakBreakBreak
10:15 – 12:35ClassesClassesClassesClassesClasses
12:35 – 13:15LunchLunchLunchLunch
13:15 – 14:45ClassesClassesClassesClasses
15:00 – 16:15ExtracurricularExtracurricularExtracurricularExtracurricular

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