Student Support Services


Student Support Services

At ENSR International School, we believe that every student has the right to access the very best education. Inclusive education is a passion and ethos at ENSR and is reflected in the words of its founder Edouard Vitto, whose motto was to `aim to place value on individuality’.

The Student Support Services Team is dedicated to fostering a positive learning environment that responds to individuality and learning diversity. The team collaborates with students, teachers, families and others in the community to support the development of all our students, encouraging them to reach their full potential.

The following applies to all sections of the school including early years, primary, middle and high school.

Inclusion and SEND Support

Our inclusion teachers provide support for students with mild to moderate learning difficulties to meet their diverse needs as they access the general curriculum. Students benefit from a mixture of inclusive support and differentiated instruction alongside small group or 1:1 support, to address specific learning needs relating to the individual learning profile.

At ENSR, we can support students with these learning needs by providing:

  • Pull-out instruction in a small group or 1:1 individual setting
  • In-class push in support
  • Study skills support, including neuro diverse approaches
  • Consultative support for teachers and parents
  • Collaboration with teachers to support differentiated instruction
  • Consultation with external specialists and therapists
  • Accommodation for standardized testing
  • Support to encourage and foster independent learning, with an emphasis on fostering a growth mindset

High Potential and Twice Exceptional Support

Members of the inclusion team provide support to students identified with high potential or twice exceptional traits. At ENSR we have external psychologists who specialize in this area and collaborate with us to offer support to students as well as advice and training to our teachers.

Collaboration is Key!

At ENSR we have excellent access to many services in the local area related to student health, wellbeing and therapy in both English and French. A number of our therapists are able to provide these services at the school.

Other services available internally and externally

  • Educational psychology services
  • High Potential and Twice Exceptional Support
  • Psychomotricity
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Play Therapy

English/French as a Foreign Language


We offer either English or French as an Additional Language (EFL and FLE) support for students who enter into either the English or French streams without proficient language skills in the language they are required to access their programme of learning. If your child requires additional language support, they will be assessed during the admissions process to ascertain their current level of English or French.

School Counselling and Wellbeing

As a close community we support our students to be confident, self-reliant and resilient. Our aim is to ensure that our students have a positive mental wellbeing. The counselling service provides a confidential, safe, nurturing and personalized approach for students to explore difficulties they may encounter, complementing the wellbeing support at our school.

Our aims:

  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment to support the therapeutic process for all students, appropriate to the needs and life stage of the student
  • To identify, alongside the academic teams, and Student Support Services students who may be at risk of emotional, psychological and/or social issues as early as possible.
  • To provide ethical and professional support for vulnerable students
  • To provide wellbeing education to all students throughout their school life
  • To encourage student, parental and staff involvement in accessing the service

Mme Stephanie Walmsley
+41 21 654 65 43

University Guidance

ENSR offers a University Guidance service that provides advice to students with regard to their higher education choices and applications for institutions both in Switzerland and abroad. The School regularly informs students about university open days and information sessions taking place locally and also organizes university presentations and ‘mini-fairs’ within the School. Such events give students the opportunity to speak directly with admissions tutors from a variety of Swiss and European institutions.

The University Guidance Counsellor, Miss Vera Secchi, is available to speak to students on an individual basis throughout the school year.

Miss Vera Secchi
+41 21 654 65 62

The University Guidance service aims to:

  • respond to questions students may have about different university systems, institutions and programmes,
  • suggest institutions and/or programmes that may be of interest to students,
  • communicate to students key deadlines and procedures to follow for university applications,
  • provide help, upon request, with applications (for example the proof-reading of a personal essay),
  • provide the necessary documentation (school reports and reference letters, for example) to institutions,
  • provide support material for aptitude/language tests that students must take if applying to anglophone institutions,
  • encourage students to assist relevant presentations, information sessions and open days,
  • encourage students to speak to admissions tutors who visit the School.

Please click here for a list of Higher Education institutions to which our students have been admitted.