Swiss Maturity Diploma


Swiss Maturity

The Swiss Maturity Diploma, fully accredited by the Swiss Confederation, provides students with a strong educational foundation through 13 different disciplines.

The academic program which leads to the Swiss Maturity involves Core, Specific and Complementary subject options, with an extended research project of 4,000 words. This equips students for future studies at university level.

The Swiss Maturity is the path of excellence for those who want to pursue studies at Swiss Universities and Federal Polytechnics. Recognized internationally, it provides access to many prestigious universities and institutes around the world.

At ENSR, preparation for the Maturity takes place over a two-year cycle. The first year ends with an initial session of external exams called First Partials. The second year leads to a second session of external examinations called Seconds Partials and culminates in Graduation.

This program is to be studied in official national languages only: French, German or Italian.


Subject Options:

1x LanguagesCoef 3French
1x LanguagesCoef 2 ou 3*German or Italian1x
1x LanguagesCoef 2 ou 3*English, German, Italian, Greek or Latin
1x Work of MaturityCoef 1Dissertation on one of the subject options
3x Experimental SciencesCoef 1Biology, Chemistry, Physics
2x Human SciencesCoef 1History, Geography
1x ArtsCoef 1Visual Arts or Music
1x Complimentary OptionCoef 1Philosophy or Physics
1x MathematicsCoef 2 ou 3**One of these subjects at Coef 3, the other two at Coef 2
1x Specific OptionCoef 3Economics and Law, Biology and Chemistry, a language other than French

Organigram Swiss Maturity

More Information:

Link to the SEFRI page on Swiss Maturity

Swiss Maturity Exams 2020
First partial examsFrom August 14th, 2020
Second partial written examsFrom August 12th, 2020
Second partial oral examsCancelled for 2020 session

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