Finding the Right Balance of Challenge and Fun at Our Swiss Boarding School

March 23, 2022

Here at ENSR, we understand that while academics are an important part of young students’ upbringing, we don’t discount the effect that a nurtured social life can have on their overall development. This is why we have developed an environment that caters to all aspects of your child’s life, creating opportunities for them to grow beyond the walls of the classroom.

Students get to learn how to balance their commitments, learning how to set healthy boundaries between work and play. With an innovative approach to our schooling, we are able to continue to adapt our methods to support current and future students as their interests, goals, and attitudes change. Continue reading to learn how students are able to find this perfect balance of challenge and fun.

Thoughtful Integration of Sports and Nature Alongside Academics

The rigorous academic curriculum found at our bilingual boarding school focuses on preparing students for both the International Baccalaureate Diploma as well as the Swiss Maturity Diploma, both widely accepted and renowned options for continuing their education after High School.

While there is plenty of time to prioritise academics, we also make sure that students understand the importance of having time to exercise, participate in cultural activities and have fun. After classes and during school holidays, we organise an array of extracurricular activities as well as camps – from windsurfing to ski camps and summer camps in the Swiss Alps. ENSR is committed to nurturing the ‘whole child’ amidst the beauty and tranquility that Switzerland has to offer. Immersing themselves in nature, students are rejuvenated and inspired to reach their full potential.

swiss boarding school

ENSR is dedicated to providing students with time to prioritise their academics, and also time to prioritise adventure and new experiences

Prioritising Intellectual and Social Growth at Our Swiss Boarding School

ENSR prides itself on the cultivation of a true family environment. This doesn’t mean we make it easy for students to do everything, rather we hold them accountable, just as a loving and caring parent would. We make sure that we create a supportive space for them to learn how to do their work in order to maintain high marks and reach their goals. Having this level of respect for our students instils a sense of accountability and responsibility in them, helping them dive into their academics with confidence. 

We also ensure a safe space for healthy and unique relationships to form as students make friends with their peers who come from all over the world. Boarding school supervision allows students to feel safe, secure, and comfortable in their boarding space, giving them the liberty to focus on their academics, extracurricular activities and new friendships. Our caring and committed full-time staff ensure that the high standards of boarding are met whilst leaving time for residence group activities that students can join during their leisure time. The close-knit environment at ENSR means that students will have plenty of opportunities to form close friendships that often last a lifetime.

bilingual boarding school

Our private boarding school unites students from all over the world, giving them the unique opportunity to form close friendships with their international peers

Individualised Attention Caters to Efficient Learning and Allocation of Free Time

Our students thrive in a family atmosphere, which also provides personalised supervision. ENSR is committed to a teaching approach adapted to the individual needs of students, and this is realised through small class sizes that give teachers the ability to serve students one-on-one as needed.

Throughout the Primary, Middle, and High School programme levels, students prepare for their Cambridge English exams and qualifications with the assistance of our attentive teachers. Students at ENSR are always planning ahead and thinking about their futures – an experience shared with their peers. Additionally, students benefit from learning alongside other international students, helping them to become responsible, respectful global citizens. With the right balance of fun and challenges, students at ENSR learn how to become valuable members of society, honourable intellectuals, and build life-long friendships. 

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