Get Excited for the Summer Camp at Our International School in Switzerland

June 16, 2022

Summer camp can be a transformative time for your child, allowing them to gain new experiences contributing to their personal and academic growth. Here, surrounded by new friends in new places, they can feel inspired to explore new subjects, discover their passions, and develop new skills and memories.

With ENSR, your child can enjoy a one-of-a-kind summer experience at our camp in the quiet and picturesque village of Champéry, Switzerland. Nestled in the mountains, our camp creates the perfect opportunity for students to connect with the beautiful nature around them, engage in fun social activities, and learn alongside each other in an enriching environment. Read on to discover how our summer camp programme, suited for nine to 18-year-olds, can create a memorable summer for your child.

Stay in One of Switzerland’s Most Peaceful and Welcoming Villages

Providing a welcoming atmosphere is an important aspect of our summer camp programme. Upon arriving at the small village of Champéry, students are warmly welcomed into the community. Through a family-like environment that prioritizes their happiness and safety, students are able to grow and feel more confident to explore their interests and try new activities.

Located at the Hôtel Suisse in Champéry, our camp gives your child access to the stunning nature of the mountains in Valais. Designed in the style of former Swiss houses, the camp provides an inviting atmosphere typical of Swiss chalets—including two-bed rooms, private bathrooms, and open common rooms for a relaxing rest after a busy day of enriching activities. In this caring environment, your child can comfortably build new skills as well as meaningful friendships. 

swiss boarding school

Students at our summer camp have the chance to enjoy the breathtaking nature of Champéry

Benefit from Engaging Learning Experiences with Expert Instructors

Known for its high-quality education, ENSR boasts over 60 years of experience in organising summer camps. With this background, we are able to create enriching programmes for our students, filled with engaging learning opportunities that can accelerate your child’s personal and academic development.

As an international school in Switzerland, we embrace multilingualism and provide students with both English and French classes tailored to their level. Small-sized classes, between four to seven students, ensure that your child receives personalised attention from our expert instructors. Held in the morning, these classes can be a way for your child to boost their language and academic skills while learning alongside other international students in a diverse and friendly space. 

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At our international school in Switzerland, students learn in a diverse and welcoming environment

Experience a Summer of Fun and Adventure at Our Swiss Boarding School 

Our private boarding school balances academic learning with personally-enriching activities that create a comprehensive summer camp experience. This means your child will enjoy half a day of engaging learning balanced with another half of fun outdoor activities that change every day. Students can breathe the fresh mountain air, play fun summer games and water sports, watch movies and go to disco parties, as well as take part in local excursions. 

Age-appropriate activities ensure that your child stays engaged throughout their time at our camp, having numerous opportunities to create unforgettable memories and long-lasting friendships. This way, they can try new things, discover new passions, develop new talents, and experience personal growth as they gain more independence and a stronger sense of self-reliance. 

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