How Swiss Maturity at Our Private International School in Switzerland Prepares Students for the Future

February 22, 2024

Are you a parent seeking an education that prepares your child for success in the modern world? If so, look no further than the Swiss Maturity Diploma programme at ENSR. In an increasingly competitive educational landscape, internationally recognized, interdisciplinary diplomas stand out.

Combined with our commitment to ensuring that our students receive optimal preparation through personalized and adapted teaching methodologies, this programme presents a truly excellent opportunity for all students.

Read about our Swiss Maturity Diploma programme and discover some of its benefits.

What Is the Swiss Maturity Programme?

Completed at ENSR by students aged 16 to 18, the Swiss Maturity Diploma Programme is fully accredited by the Swiss Confederation.

What makes this programme unique? It offers students the opportunity to acquire a solid general culture through the study of 13 fundamental subjects encompassing a vast field of knowledge. Graduates are fully prepared to make the best of the many opportunities to study at prestigious Swiss as well as international universities and polytechnics.

A Swiss boarding school student throwing a cap at graduation

Our Swiss boarding school prepares students to excel at the Swiss Maturity exam.

What Are Its Benefits?

The Swiss Maturity diploma offers plenty of vocational value. One of its many benefits is its flexible, interdisciplinary nature. The Swiss Maturity Diploma covers a wide range of subjects and allows students to follow their natural curiosity, choosing courses that interest them most. For example, some students at our Swiss boarding school may prefer a more scientific slant, others the arts or perhaps economics and law. An interdisciplinary diploma provides space for students to explore various interests.

How does ENSR prepare your child to pass the Swiss Maturity exam? Find out below.

How Students at Our Swiss Boarding School Are Prepared for Success

In preparation for Swiss Maturity exams, ENSR’s individualized approach affords each student the opportunity to excel in their final examinations. Academics involve core, specific, and complimentary subject options. It also involves a 4000-word research project, further preparing students to thrive in the adult, self-directed learning environments they will encounter in prestigious universities.

A Swiss boarding school student attending an international education institution.

Our Swiss boarding school readies students for higher education around the world.

At our private school, preparation for the Swiss Maturity Diploma takes place over a two-year cycle, ensuring that students are equipped with all the critical competencies needed to achieve high scores and access to appealing opportunities in various fields.

During the first year, students prepare for an initial session of external exams called First Partials. The second year leads to a second set of external exams called Second Partials, culminating in Graduation with our dedicated teachers accompanying our students every step of the way, ensuring that each student receives all the support and guidance they require.

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