3 Skills Your Child Will Gain From Studying at Our International School in Switzerland

September 30, 2021

For over a century, ENSR has welcomed students from all over the world to an enriching educational experience in the heart of Lausanne. The school provides a unique setting for your child to receive an international education and develop the skills to succeed in the modern world. Our community creates a space for students to build confidence, friendships, passions, and academic intrigue. 

Learning how to communicate and cooperate with individuals from different backgrounds or cultures is a valuable skill in today’s global landscape. Both inside and outside of the classroom, ENSR supports the development of your child in the spirit of academic inquiry and personal discovery. 

1. Building Confidence with Multilingualism 

International learning is one of the core values at ENSR. Language skills are now more important than ever for maximising your opportunities in the modern world. That’s why multilingualism is at the heart of education from the kindergarten level through to high school. 

Our Programme in French and English incorporates German language studies from Primary School onwards. Once in High School, students can choose to pursue a French, English, or bilingual education, depending on their individual language levels.  A rich selection of additional languages can also be added to the programme.

Building confidence begins with ensuring that every single child is supported in their learning path. We believe that the quality of education rests on differentiating the delivery of the educational programmes in a manner that corresponds to each student’s needs. The bilingual curriculum at our Swiss boarding school caters to the personal needs of each student by welcoming students irrespective of their level of French and/or English and promoting multilingualism at an early age. 

Our Swiss boarding school encourages multilingualism in all our programmes

2. Develop Teamwork Skills in a Global Context

In all students, ENSR encourages the development of self-esteem and a respectful understanding of the world and those around them. Our academic programmes are designed to complement this global outlook by enhancing your child’s academic skills while developing their social abilities, critical thinking, and individual passions. Extracurricular activities include sports, cultural, and artistic outlets that instill a sense of belonging to the community of our international school in Switzerland. Your child will learn to work alongside their peers in the spirit of inclusivity and mutual respect. The result is a school community that fosters an open-minded attitude to multiculturalism. In a global environment, students learn from their individual differences and come together to engage with international perspectives. 

Students learn alongside each other in a multicultural environment

3. Fostering Academic Curiosity at Our Swiss Boarding School

The educational values at ENSR are infused with the spirit of innovation at every stage. Primary school is seen as a time of discovery, when students develop skills in reading, writing, and mathematics while nurturing their academic intuitions. Middle school offers a time for transition, supporting the shift from childhood by guiding each student on their academic journey. Once your child reaches High School, they will begin to prepare for their future by working towards either the renowned Swiss Maturity or International Baccalaureate Diploma. 

Graduates of ENSR’s programmes are ready to build upon their academic experience with new opportunities. 

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