3 Ways Your Child Will Thrive in Our Private School’s Inclusive Environment

September 16, 2021

Inclusive education values the diversity of each and every student learning side by side. At ENSR, we pride ourselves on instilling a sense of belonging in every child at our school. Our community is made up of students, teachers, and families, all working together to support the learning development of our students. In an inclusive environment, students not only learn from the individual differences of others but develop lasting friendships with a variety of other children.

In today’s world, communication and collaboration from an early age is the best way to succeed in a global environment. With adequate resources and curriculum, ENSR is ready to nurture and respond to the needs of all our students.

1. Supporting Individual Development

The learning philosophy at ENSR encourages students to work on their individual goals while immersing themselves in classroom life with their peers. We understand that learning is an individual experience, and aim to create a personalised experience that caters to the needs of different students. With small class sizes and experienced teaching staff, we ensure that each child is able to reach their full potential. 

Students come to our Swiss boarding school with varying academic profiles. To account for this, courses are designed to deliver lessons that are adapted to the individual language level of each student. By delivering a curriculum with differentiation, ENSR ensures that each student is provided with the resources and support they need to reach their goals. 

Our private school values the individual learning experience of each student

2. An International Learning Experience

The Programme in English at ENSR offers the advantages of the world-class International Baccalaureate (IB) in a supportive and welcoming family environment. IB programmes are highly valued for their commitment to improving the learning experience of a diverse community of students. They deliver a challenging and engaging international education that accounts for the interests of different students. 

Additionally, ENSR prioritizes multilingualism in education from an early age. In a bilingual learning environment, students learn in French and English with the inclusion of German language studies from Grade 4 onwards. In Middle and High School, students can opt to follow a French, English, or bilingual program with the possibility of also taking Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese to mention a few. Our programme provides an ideal preparation for entry into international universities. With an education that caters to the different language levels of each student, our international school in Switzerland equips students to engage with an increasingly globalised world. 

Our English Programme offers an engaging international education

3. Student Services at Our Swiss Boarding School

The Student Support Services Team is committed to building a positive learning environment that prioritizes individuality and learning diversity. At ENSR, we strongly believe that every student deserves the support to reach their full potential at every stage of their academic life. 

Our dedicated staff provides individualised attention to students, improving their academic performance in the general curriculum. With a mixture of differentiated instruction, small groups and one-to-one support, our staff members are equipped to address the learning needs of every child. For students with beginner level language skills, our student support services offer English or French (EAL or FLE) as additional language support, to bring them up to speed.

ENSR students’ well-being is another element that is integrated into our academic programme. In addition, the School offers a Well-being Counselling Service within the School, in parallel to the support provided by teachers, homeroom teachers, deans, management and families. This gives students the possibility to talk about their issues with a neutral person, in complete confidentiality.

As a close-knit community, we want all students to have the confidence and positivity to reach new heights. When it comes to their path beyond ENSR, our University Guidance service offers advice to students on their further education choices and directs them through the application process for universities in Switzerland and abroad. With multiple different resources, ENSR provides a nurturing environment that caters to the needs of our students at each stage of their education.

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