Why Kindergarten Is the Perfect Time to Introduce Your Child to Bilingualism at Our Private School

October 31, 2023

As a parent, you want to provide your child with the highest quality of education. Particularly in the early years, a strong educational foundation sets the precedent for future opportunities and positive development. To determine what’s best for your child’s education, examining what sort of skills today’s world demands is beneficial. For example, when it comes to university acceptance and career success, bilingualism is becoming more and more sought-after. Keep reading to discover the unique benefits of bilingualism, why kindergarten is the perfect time to start your child’s bilingual education, and how we provide the perfect learning environment for effective language acquisition. 

The Benefits of Bilingualism

The benefits of bilingualism are manifold. From school to work to personal life, bilingualism opens various opportunities. Research suggests that bilingualism promotes certain health benefits. In terms of education, bilingual children tend to perform better in school. Bilingualism strengthens cognitive ability by rewiring the brain, increasing grey matter, and improving executive function. Bilingualism boosts an individual’s ability to learn, manage attention, and protect against cognitive decline.

Our private school provides a multilingual learning environment that benefits learning.

The benefits of bilingualism extend beyond the brain. Those who are fluent in more than one language enjoy more career opportunities. As globalization grows, organizations want employees who can help them tap into new markets and improve their customer service. Bilingualism also helps individuals in their personal lives, facilitating their ability to adapt and empathize with those from different cultures.  

Why Kindergarten Is the Right Time to Start

Kindergarten students are at a crucial stage of language development. At this age, students’ brains are highly plastic and primed for learning. As children grow, a cognitive process called pruning accelerates, which involves discarding connections that are not being used regularly. This process continues up until the brain’s development is complete at the age of twenty-five. Though language at any age is entirely possible, the early years of cognitive development are ideal as a younger brain is specifically geared for learning and can absorb and retain new information differently than an older brain that prioritises efficiency and discards unused synapses. At our private school, we start bilingual instruction at the age of 2,5 years to maximize the effectiveness of your child’s learning.

Our private school optimizes the language learning ability of kindergarten students.

How Our Private School Facilitates Language Learning

Our French-English kindergarten programme at our international school in Lausanne sets the foundation for developing essential life skills. Students are introduced to a dynamic, multilingual environment where they will develop their social skills through kinesthetic activities, get introduced to fundamental math and language skills, learn about their environments, engage in artistic creation, and practice their psychomotor skills. Our students benefit greatly from their bilingual education, leaving our school prepared to pursue various paths worldwide without barriers. 

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