3 Benefits Of A French Immersion Education At Our Swiss Boarding School

December 22, 2023

These days, being bilingual has evolved from being a privileged skill to a fundamental necessity. As many parents now know, learning a second (foreign) language can lead to better academic performance in all subjects, enhanced concentration, sharper memory, and enhanced cultural awareness for their children.

But why French? Learning French isn’t just about adding another linguistic feather to one’s cap. It’s about embracing a language that resonates across continents, cultures, and industries. And here’s where ENSR’s French Immersion Education Program shines brightly.

If you’re wondering if French Immersion is a good idea for your child, read on to discover three benefits of a French Immersion education at our Swiss boarding school.

1. French Is Spoken All Over the World

Poets and romantics adore the French language, and Paris, the capital of France, is widely regarded as the city of love and romance. But French isn’t just for poets. More than 300 million speakers of the language are spread across five continents. After English, French is the foreign language that people learn the most, and it is also the fifth most spoken language in the world.

French is also the only language outside English taught in every country on Earth. At our Swiss boarding school, though, we don’t just teach French; we let students live it. Immersing in French here means absorbing the nuances, the culture, and the essence behind every word and phrase. So, learning French at ENSR is like getting a global passport. 

2. It’s a Gateway to Prestigious Higher Education Institutions

Learning French isn’t just about mastering another language; it’s like owning a key to elite global institutions. Your child’s fluency in French can pave the way for admission to leading universities in France and other French-speaking regions. French is an academic language offering your child a comprehensive edge in any industry. Therefore a post-secondary application bolstered by proficiency in both English and French can make your child stand out, adding a competitive edge to their academic portfolio.

A group of smiling multiracial students at our private school

Learning French at our Swiss boarding school opens doors to prestigious universities.

The beauty of knowing French extends far beyond France’s charming borders. This linguistic prowess can swing open doors to leading academic programs across the globe. In essence, French isn’t just a language; it’s an opportunity, a journey, a bridge to vast academic landscapes. Whether they’re aiming for a university in Paris or exploring global academic arenas, French undoubtedly amplifies your child’s choices.

3. It’s an Asset in the International Job Market After Swiss Boarding School

Businesses in our modern, interconnected world thrive on connections and relationships. Imagine being fluent in French; it’s like having an all-access pass to join the conversation. Whether you’re dealing with a massive multinational corporation or a small, innovative startup, they’re all looking for people who can bridge the gap between cultures and foster meaningful connections.

A smiling female student at our Swiss boarding school

Learning French in our private school can give you an advantage in the international job market.

At our Swiss boarding school, we understand this dynamic. We don’t just prepare our students with academic knowledge; we help them become proficient in both English and French. This means our graduates aren’t just equipped with a degree; they’re armed with the ability to communicate effectively, making them ready to seize diverse opportunities. 

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