Windsurf Camp: Enjoy New Experiences & Explore a Different Part of The World With Our Private School

May 5, 2023

The need for learning and activities doesn’t stop when school is out. In fact, summertime presents the perfect opportunity for the physical and intellectual exploration that students need to learn valuable soft skills. Knowing this, at ENSR, we offer an exciting windsurf summer camp experience that allows students to travel, explore, learn new skills, and enjoy fun interactions with their peers. This summer, from Saturday, July 1st to Saturday, July 15th, students aged eleven and up can enjoy a summer experience that will help them learn, grow, and have fun. Keep reading to learn why you should consider sending your child to our windsurf camp.

Students Gain Cultural Exposure by Exploring Different Parts of the World 

Since 2003, ENSR has been providing students with the opportunity to travel to exciting locations all around the world. So far, we’ve taken our windsurf camp to Hyères in the South of France, Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles, Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands of Spain, Dahab in Egypt, Rhodes and Paros in Greece, and Sardinia in Italy. In addition to windsurfing, students enjoy a variety of cultural excursions that expose them to different perspectives, ways of living, and environments, encouraging them to be aware, accepting, and quick to adapt to novel situations. Global citizenship is a hallmark of academics and activities at our Swiss boarding school, as reflected in our Swiss Maturity and  International Baccalaureate programme and rewarding experiences like our windsurf camp.

Private school students explore a building at a new travel destination

The windsurf camp offered at our private school allows students to explore new locations

Windsurf Camp Encourages Healthy Physical Activity

A healthy amount of physical activity benefits everyone on many levels but particularly for growing children. In addition to physical health benefits such as better cardiorespiratory fitness, bone and muscle strength, healthy weight maintenance, and lower risks of developing a range of diseases, research suggests that adequate exercise and participation in sports have mental, emotional, and social benefits as well. Students who participate in sports and get adequate exercise enjoy improved cognitive function, which can contribute to higher academic achievement, higher self-esteem, improved relationships, and reduced anxiety. Our private school offers a camp experience where students are introduced to windsurfing – an exhilarating sport that encourages students to challenge themselves physically and mentally. In addition, they enjoy other sports like paddle boarding and beach volleyball, which motivates students to recruit their physical fitness and strategy.

Windsurf Camp With Our Private School Encourages Skill-Building 

Students who participate in our windsurf camp are not expected to have prior experience in the sport. Daily lessons are provided for each skill level, encouraging students to develop new skills and a sense of mastery. As they associate with peers regularly, gain valuable exposure to new environments, and experiment with various novel activities, they also learn soft skills that will serve them throughout their time at ENSR, in their post-secondary pursuits, and of course, in their future careers. These include independence, adaptability, and confidence.

Private school student unpacks equipment from a vehicle

Our private school encourages students to participate in various athletic activities

If you’re looking for the right programme for your child this summer, consider our windsurf camp. It offers exposure to various cultures and the opportunity to enjoy multiple physical activities and build new skills while having fun.

Our private school in Lausanne provides an unforgettable summer experience! 

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