How Our Bilingual Private School Provides Access to Opportunities to Further Your Child’s Education

March 7, 2022

Education opens the door to professional, personal, and intellectual growth that will mean something different for every individual. Giving children access to a high-quality education, with a curriculum designed to prepare them for a bright future, can make a world of difference to a student who is eager to learn. 

Preparing for your child’s success doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders. Placing your trust in ENSR is easy when you discover our commitment to fostering the development of each student in their academic future and beyond. Our individualized, supportive and enthusiastic approach to education will help your child to feel at home with our caring and encouraging full-time staff. Read on to learn more about the benefits of an ENSR education at every level. 

Extensive Preparation for Cambridge English Exams and Qualifications

At the Primary, Middle School, and High School levels, students have the option of preparing their Cambridge English Exams and qualifications. As a certified provider of Cambridge English Exam preparation, students are offered the best possible learning experience starting in Primary School. Here, they are immersed in a bilingual learning environment from the start of their studies. With personalized guidance and bi-monthly assessments, each Primary School student is kept on track to hit their target milestones. At the Middle School level, your child will benefit from monthly student reports, and at the High School level, six reports per year are combined with termly exams to keep their progress on track.

In addition to the academically-focused environment, ENSR provides a caring, family-oriented experience that helps students to thrive socially in coordination with their academic growth. The close-knit environment at ENSR means that students will have plenty of opportunities to form close friendships that last through school, university, and beyond. 

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Preparation for Cambridge English Exams starts as early as Primary School at our bilingual private school

High School Diploma Options for Students at Our Bilingual Private School

Students in our High School programme are able to work toward either the Swiss Maturity Diploma or the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) in either English, French, or bilingual. Students have until the end of Grade 10 to choose which diploma they would like to prepare for. 

The Swiss Maturity Diploma, fully accredited by the Swiss Confederation, focuses on 13 different disciplines to give students a broad educational foundation. This academic curriculum involves Core, Specific, and Complementary subject options, with an extended research project of 4,000 words. This equips students for future studies at the university level after they graduate from our bilingual private school

In the IBDP students study the three major pedagogical areas: languages, individuals and societies, and experimental sciences. IBDP candidates must choose a discipline in each field, with three disciplines in both the Higher Level and Standard Level. Students get to study various topics of interest in-depth over the course of two years, giving them valuable knowledge that they can carry on to their university studies. 

bilingual school in Lausanne

High School students can choose from the Swiss Maturity or the International Baccalaureate Diploma

A Unique Commitment to the Global Development of Each Student

ENSR is deeply committed to a teaching approach that is adapted to the individual needs of students. The small size of classes allows for individualized attention from ENSR teachers. This personalized learning environment allows teachers to remain attentive to any areas that your child may need support in so that they can reach their academic milestones as planned. 

As a bilingual school in Lausanne, ENSR promotes multilingualism to local French-speaking Swiss-national students through the early introduction of English, then German, with Latin and the option of adding Spanish or Italian in Middle School. In High School ENSR offers the possibility of adding further language studies such as Chinese, Russian and more. Students not only benefit from learning multiple languages but also from learning alongside their international peers, who help them to become responsible and respectful global citizens. 

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