How Our International School Prepares Your Child for the Modern World

February 11, 2022

At ENSR, students follow a curriculum which prepares students for both the Swiss Maturity Diploma as well as the International Baccalaureate Diploma. This unique combination results in a rigorous academic experience designed to help each child excel as they progress through their school years. Our family-oriented, individualised approach to academics establishes an caring and supportive learning environment. 

Students will also find personal growth as they learn alongside their international peers. Our programme is designed for local French speakers as well as international non-native English speaking students who wish to acquire the English language, creating a truly multicultural environment with a common goal. Continue reading to learn more about the global experience you can expect for your child when you choose an education at ENSR.

We Foster Global Responsibility to Help Students Succeed in Modern Reality

Academics are of great importance at ENSR, as we maintain a rigorous international school curriculum. We pair these academic standards with a number of outdoor excursions and enriching extracurricular activities. This satisfies our school’s commitment to nurturing the ‘whole child,’ creating experiences that will help them grow personally and academically. 

Learning inside and out of the classroom amongst their international peers will allow your child to create an understanding of other individuals and their backgrounds. These extra events and activities are heightened by the school’s spectacular environment, overlooking the mediaeval cathedral city of Lausanne – a cultural inspiration for each child.

bilingual school

Student success is magnified when they are immersed in an international academic environment

Intercultural Communication as the Foundation of Academic Life

The small class sizes found at ENSR contribute to an attentive and caring setting for children to thrive. Instructors are able to pay close attention to each student and track their progress accordingly, offering extra support when needed.

Smaller class sizes also allow for increased communication between students, which is crucial for their social and intellectual development. Students feel comfortable and confident in sharing their thoughts, experiences, and ideas in an environment that celebrates individuality and intercultural communication. A focus on multilingualism places each student in a similar position where they are all motivated to learn together to become better communicators.

international school

Small class sizes at our international school allow for individualised attention and support for each student

Innovative Academic Programs Sets Our Bilingual School Apart

The non-profit structure at ENSR allows the school to remain contemporary and at the forefront of education today. Innovative academic programmes set our bilingual school apart from other school experiences. At ENSR, you can rest assured that we are committed to the global development of each student, helping them to become responsible, respectful individuals in a multicultural world.

In each course, every child at our bilingual school from around the world will be encouraged to become active, compassionate, and lifelong learners who understand the value of working with other people and appreciating their differences.

An International Experience Gives Students a Global Perspective

Above all else, being immersed in a supportive international environment allows students to explore what it means to be a global citizen. Accounting for their own experiences and values while keeping an open mind to where others come from helps students find value in the differences we all hold. 

We nurture the whole child, meaning we don’t compartmentalise academics from all other areas of development. We design an academic structure that also nurtures the body and mind in a way that develops a global perspective within each student. Joining the close-knit family at ENSR helps every student feel welcomed, cared for, and seen for their valuable individuality.

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