How Our Swiss Boarding School Supports International Students throughout Their Studies

July 20, 2021

Students at ENSR have the opportunity to study and grow in a nurturing environment, one that embraces individuality and diversity. Through ENSR’s student-focused approach, international students receive a high-quality education while feeling supported and cared for as they adapt to life in a new country. 

Inclusive education is essential at ENSR, where additional attention is placed on the value of individuality. With proper guidance and support, a strong education, and the room to grow, your child can become a confident global citizen with an impressive skill set—allowing them to explore countless opportunities after graduation. Here’s how our student support services can help support your child through their transformative experience at our school.

Encouraging Student Success by Providing Linguistic Support

Our Student Support Services Team tirelessly works to foster a positive learning environment for students of all age groups, providing support to students in primary school all through high school. By collaborating with teachers, staff, and families, the Student Support Services Team can help international students thrive in their new environment and discover their full potential. 

Students who speak English or French as a second language are able to strengthen their language skills through English Foreign Language (EFL) and Français comme Langue Étrangère (FLE) support. By using these services, international students can increase their fluency and improve their academic performance. In this way, they can also participate and engage with our diverse community with confidence. Their self-reliance and growth helps them to become more independent, promoting their success even after their time at ENSR.

Teachers at our private school help international students excel in their studies

Ensuring Wellness and Health through Counselling at Our Swiss Boarding School

Student Support Services at our Swiss boarding school also include counselling which can help students overcome difficulties they may encounter all whilst promoting positive mental health and general wellbeing. 

Your child can use these services to feel more at home in their new surroundings, adapting more quickly as they transition to a new culture and environment. In line with our vision to focus on individuality, we work to provide your child with comprehensive care tailored specifically to their personal needs and circumstances. International students can take advantage of these professional services to improve their overall wellbeing, helping them to achieve the best student life experience possible.

Student Support Services can help international students gain more confidence and adapt to their new environment

Providing University Guidance to Enhance Students’ Academic Growth

International students ready to explore their academic opportunities after graduation can make use of our University Guidance services. These services help international students to find the answers they need to fully explore all of their options in Switzerland and abroad—learning about different university systems, discovering programmes of interest, and receiving guidance to make their application stand out.  

At our private school, your child can learn about university open days and attend university presentations, speaking directly with admission teams from various Swiss and European educational institutions. These services also prioritise individuality, giving your child the space they need to envision and actively shape their own futures.

Student Support Services at ENSR are designed to help our diverse student body accomplish its goals and achieve academic and personal growth, helping students to feel at home as they pursue a high-quality education that prepares them for success both during and beyond their time at ENSR.

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