How Our Swiss Boarding School’s Sport and Study Programme Supports Student Development

September 6, 2022

Many of our students are young athletes who are working towards success in their sport at an elite level. For those students, ENSR is very pleased to offer a Sport-Study Programme to help them balance their extracurricular and academic commitments. 

This specialized programme is a chance for students to pursue their ambitions in sports while maintaining a strong academic profile for later life. One example of which we are particularly proud is our partnership with the National Centre for Swiss Basketball which has entrusted us with hosting the U16-U18 men’s national basketball team at our boarding school!  Daily life, lessons, and training take place under the care and watchful eye of our dedicated and highly-qualified staff.

Read on to find out how this programme supports the development of our students.

Expanding the Horizons of Our Students

School is a time when young people lay the foundations for their lives. That’s why our international school in Switzerland aims to give students as many opportunities as possible to explore their interests and develop their skills. For our students with athletic ambitions, we understand that this is a crucial time for them to foster their potential and expand their horizons for the future. 

Our Sport-Study programme is designed to give those students the opportunity to pursue either the International Baccalaureate Diploma or the Swiss Maturity Diploma in a supportive and dynamic learning environment whilst developing their sporting careers in parallel. In terms of elite sports offered, this programme includes, for example, basketball, ice hockey, skiing, volleyball, tennis, golf, swimming, gymnastics, dance, fencing, rowing, equestrian sport and more! Students can take their athletic abilities to new levels whilst still securing their pathway to a successful academic future.

private boarding school

Our international school in Switzerland opens the door to advanced opportunities in sports and academics

The Chance to Work Towards Their Goals

Nurturing ambition and setting goals is an important part of the growth and success of young people. At ENSR, we encourage our students to aim high in every area of their lives, whether that be academics or sports.

Participating in sports at an elite level is a unique opportunity, and we want to make sure that each student has the best possible chance of reaching their goals. This specialized programme, combined with ENSR’s small class sizes, gives our students the individualized support and attention required. Furthermore, our university guidance counselor and deans help our students to identify their academic goals and to plan for the future, ensuring that each student is on the path to success.

international school Switzerland

Our students are encouraged to set goals for their academic and sporting careers

Giving Structure to Students at Our Private Boarding School

The Sport-Study Programme at our private boarding school gives our students the chance to explore both and develop a pathway that works best for them. We help our students to balance their commitments to sport with their academic curriculum by providing them with a structured schedule which includes homework and study support with qualified teachers. In the process, they learn the importance of time management, structure and perseverance. As part of a team or individually, our students learn the value of setting goals and creating a plan to make those goals a reality. These are lessons that carry them through to a successful future in either their sporting or academic careers.

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