How the Core Values at Our Swiss Boarding School Help Your Child Succeed

February 10, 2023

For over a century, ENSR has provided quality education for students from kindergarten through high school. We strive to provide education that empowers students to become responsible members of a global society, and to achieve this, we follow a set of core values that provide them with a solid, well-rounded knowledge base. When you enrol your child at ENSR, you are equipping them with the tools and mindset to face their futures with confidence. Keep reading to learn about our core values and how your child can benefit from them. 

We Strive to Adapt to the Individual Needs of Our Students 

At ENSR, we recognize and embrace the differences that make each student special. We strive to get to know their strengths and opportunities for improvement and adapt accordingly. We are committed to providing a personalised learning experience that caters to each child’s individual needs. 

Swiss boarding school student in an individual discussion with teacher

At our Swiss boarding school, we prioritise individualised learning

The student services team collaborates with students, teachers, , families, and other community members to ensure that students have the support they need to achieve their goals. English and French as an additional language support, student counselling and university guidance counselling are some of the resources we provide to support students at our Swiss boarding school

Our Students Are Taught to be Open-Minded and Accepting 

We see the importance of an international perspective. With the continued development of globalization, we understand that it’s beneficial for our students to be exposed to an international outlook that prepares them to thrive in any environment. One of our core values is the development of an open-minded attitude to an international perspective and multiculturalism. 

Swiss boarding school student group from different backgrounds showcasing an international environment

Our international high school provides a multicultural learning environment that prepares students for a globalised future

For this reason, we foster a multicultural environment, giving students the opportunity to learn alongside peers from various backgrounds. We also encourage multilingualism as children are given the possibility to pursue learning new languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Chinese and more. Students at our international high school graduate with either an International Baccalaureate Diploma or Swiss Maturity Diploma, both recognized globally, opening up an array of opportunities for them worldwide. 

We Foster a Sense of Belonging For Your Child 

In addition to academic excellence, we strive to foster a family environment for students, providing them with a supportive, tight-knit community where they feel a sense of belonging. Our engaging group activities are beneficial to the confidence and well-being of students. For instance, your child will have the opportunity to make use of our generous offering of sporting facilities to maintain their physical fitness while they enjoy enriching team-building experiences with their peers. Our safe, serene environment in Lausanne, Switzerland, enables students to focus on their studies and personal development while they learn to build meaningful connections with others. 

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