How Your Child Can Make the Most of Our Swiss Boarding School’s Campus Facilities

September 27, 2022


At ENSR, the campus is one of our school’s defining features, boasting a spectacular setting for international education. In the heart of Lausanne, our renowned boarding school merges century-old architecture with innovative, high-quality facilities. Students at ENSR find inspiration in a welcoming campus that encourages each individual to explore new activities, make friends, and enjoy the outdoors. 

From our sports facilities to our dormitories, ENSR is committed to providing safe, inclusive, and well-equipped spaces for your child. Within our dynamic campus environment, your child will have access to the resources and opportunities necessary to achieve personal growth and development. Below, read on to find out more about what awaits your child on campus at ENSR!

The Chance to Make New Friends from Around the World

The best part about our campus is the close-knit community it creates. Our Swiss boarding school attracts students from all over the world to an inclusive and multicultural learning environment with a strong focus on bilingual education. For your child, this is a chance to meet and connect with people from different backgrounds, improving their communication skills and global awareness. 

Making the most of our campus means getting to know the different students that comprise it. At ENSR, the boarding experience and small class sizes give students the opportunity to make those connections. Living and learning alongside others, your child can develop a sense of mutual respect, an open-minded attitude, and a feeling of belonging to a local community.

The campus at our Swiss private school is an inclusive and enjoyable environment.

Take Advantage of Sports Activities 

At ENSR, we believe that sport is fundamentally important in healthy development, so we strive to offer the widest possible range of sports to students. The campus at ENSR includes fully-equipped sports and gymnastics halls, gym facilities, tennis, volleyball, multisports and basketball courts, a climbing wall, and an athletics track. 

Whether your child is looking to practice at an elite level through our Sport-Study Programme or simply get involved in a team sport, our specialized facilities attract students of all interests and levels. 

On Wednesday afternoons, Saturdays, and during school holidays, we also organize camps and courses that cover skiing, windsurfing, and summer language school combined with fun activities. This gives our students the chance to try as many different sports experiences as possible, even beyond our own campus. 

Our sports facilities offer something for students of all levels.

Enjoy the Serene Location of Our Boarding School in Lausanne

Part of what attracts families to ENSR is the chance for their child to learn in a clean, safe, and healthy Swiss environment. Founded in 1906, our boarding school in Lausanne has embedded itself in this culture, with a campus situated in Switzerland’s French-speaking region near Lake Geneva (Lac Léman). The school also enjoys a privileged position in the centre of Europe. Our campus offers the perfect location for your child to develop their international experience and language skills in a multilingual setting. If you’re looking for an enriching and unique campus environment for your child, look no further than ENSR!


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