Our Private Boarding School’s Summer Camp: An Unforgettable Experience in the Swiss Alps

April 7, 2023

The life of a student revolves around learning, for the most part. From classrooms to laboratories and even field trips, students get to learn something new every day. 

At ENSR, our Swiss co-educational private boarding school, we want to make learning wholesome and fun for our students. So our traditional summer camp forms part of what has come to be known as the complete ENSR student experience. And in this blog, we offer a view into our exciting summer camp programme.

Our Private Boarding School’s Summer Camp in the Swiss Alps

For our summer camp in Switzerland, our students are treated to an unforgettable experience in the Swiss Alps. It is a period where students immerse themselves in the exciting holiday experience in some of the most beautiful alpine surroundings on earth.

There, students can engage language learning courses combined with several fun-filled events that will live long in their memory and set them up nicely for the next academic season.

Our camp is located at in a lovely Swiss hotel in a beautiful little village set against scenic Alps in Valais, Switzerland. Accommodation includes impeccable twin rooms complete with a private bathroom. 

ENSR’s summer camp promises an unforgettable experience for our private school students

Students also have the opportunity to discover Europe’s most renowned amusement park in Germany with our summer camp’s exclusive offer of a two-day trip to EUROPA PARK! Enjoying a weekend of thrilling rides and attractions as VIP guests with access to exclusive facilities.

Mornings at Our Summer Camp

A typical day at our summer camp begins with a hearty breakfast followed by English and French classes for those who have selected this option. These language lessons are taught in small groups, usually between four to seven students which allows students to advance quickly and have a great learning experience.

Afternoons at Our Summer Camp

In the afternoons the fun continues with sporting, cultural and leisure activities. Students engage for example in horse riding, tennis, swimming, climbing, ziplining, hiking, exploring and more! A paragliding excursion is also available for those interested, allowing students to absorb all the thrilling scenic views. 

There are many exciting activities planned for students at our private boarding school’s summer camp

Students can also walk to the village and enjoy all the impressive sights of Swiss chalets and lush terrains. These walks offer an opportunity to experience the beautiful surroundings and warm culture of the Alps. Students also get to meet people from all walks of life, all enjoying the summer holiday.

Evenings at Our Summer Camp

In the evenings, our students are hosted at various fun-filled events like games, cinemas, karaoke, or any other scheduled event, depending on the day of the week. This lineup of events brings the day to a close, and everyone has a welcoming room to retire to for the night.

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