Preparing for University Applications at Our High School in Switzerland

January 25, 2023

Students at ENSR receive an unforgettable learning experience in a unique setting. Situated against the backdrop of the natural beauty of Switzerland, ENSR serves as the starting point for advanced academics as well as personal development for students. Founded in 1906, the school has perfected its approach to education under the Swiss system with some contributions from the French system.

Students are, therefore, as prepared as possible as they begin the path toward choosing a university for the next step in their education. Not only will they ensure they have the required courses to earn their diplomas and present their advanced achievements on their university applications, but they will also receive the guidance necessary to make the right decision on where to attend university. Continue reading to learn more.

Pursuing the IB or Swiss Maturity Diploma at Our Bilingual School

ENSR offers students the chance to choose between academic programmes based on their future goals. High school students work toward the Swiss Maturity or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. The Swiss Maturity diploma is delivered in French and accepted anywhere in Switzerland, making it a good option for students who want to attend a university within the country. For those looking to continue their education internationally, the IB diploma is a good path, as universities accept it all around the world. This option is delivered in English, French, or bilingual to further define students’ language needs for their future goals in their education and careers.

The two diploma options at ENSR prepare students for their future plans.

Accessing Student Guidance Services

Student guidance services at our Swiss international school help students decide which diploma to pursue based on their passions, aspirations and family considerations. Beyond this, the university guidance service at ENSR provides advice to students with regard to their higher education choices and applications for institutions both in Switzerland and abroad. By providing students with access to university open days, local information sessions and university presentations, students can familiarize themselves with the options that may be available to them for the next step in their education. Through these events, students can speak directly with admissions officers from various Swiss and European institutions, making an impression and establishing a network.

Guidance services at our boarding school give students access to the best advice on how to move forward in their education.

Making the Right Decision for University Destinations

Guidance from our bilingual school extends past university preparation and into making the right decision on which university to attend. Students may consult with our university guidance counsellor on a one-on-one basis to try to determine the best opportunities available for each student. Taking into consideration the family’s unique situation as well as the student’s desires and goals, our guidance team helps students find the right university for them. Whether students want to stay local, discover a new country, enroll in a specialty programme, accept a scholarship, or otherwise, they will have the support they need to make the decision that best suits their dreams for their future. 


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