How Our Private School Students Are Prepared For The Swiss Maturity Exam

September 14, 2023

Along with the International Baccalaureate diploma, high school students at ENSR also have the option of entering our Swiss Maturity diploma programme during the two years leading up to graduation. The Swiss Maturity Diploma is an internationally renowned programme that opens higher education and future career opportunities. Fully accredited by the Swiss Confederation, this diploma grants graduates access to prestigious universities across Switzerland and around the world. 

The programme exposes students to an interdisciplinary, multilingual curriculum that prepares them to be competent, confident global citizens fully capable of seizing all opportunities that interest them. In order to earn their Swiss Maturity diploma, students must pass a series of exams. As intensive as the programme can be, students at ENSR receive all of the support they need to succeed. Our well-rounded curriculum, advanced research project, and individualized instruction style come together to ensure that students are fully prepared to excel on their exams and take advantage of the benefits that come with an internationally recognized diploma. Keep reading to learn how. 

Our Curriculum Covers 13 Disciplines For A Strong Educational Foundation 

A major advantage of the Swiss Maturity  diploma programme at ENSR is the support given to students to successfully complete this varied curriculum. Core subjects in experimental sciences, human sciences, arts, and mathematics are  taken in conjunction with specialized subjects like for example law, economics, and philosophy. Our private school creates a learning environment which guides students to succeed in a globalized job market. Whether they wish to explore Swiss universities or universities abroad, our programme and highly specialized faculty will provide students with the academic framework and support that they need to complete the Swiss Maturity exams.

private school students in class

Private school students receive a well-rounded education at ENSR.

Students Are Introduced To Skills That Serve Them Throughout Post Secondary

Our high school students are introduced to essential academic skills which will help them succeed in university and beyond when completing their four thousand word research paper. Investigative papers such as the one our students complete as part of the Swiss Maturity programme, invites them to recruit their close reading, critical thinking, and writing skills, preparing them to excel in both the written and oral Swiss Maturity exam, in their post secondary studies, and throughout their careers. Our curriculum and assignments encourage students to explore a variety of topics with curiosity using scientific methods as their guide for discovery.

private school student writing an essay on laptop

Private school students are prepared to pass their Swiss Maturity exams by completing a long form research paper.

The Instruction At Our Private School Caters To The Individual Needs Of Students 

In addition to a relevant, fascinating, and skill-building curriculum, students at our international school in Switzerland are well prepared to pass the Swiss Maturity exam thanks to our supportive and highly qualified faculty members. At ENSR, all students enjoy an individualized approach to learning where teaching staff adapt their approach in order to suit each students’ learning style, strengths, and areas for improvement. Prepare your child to take advantage of any academic opportunity that interests them – whether it will keep them in Switzerland or take them anywhere else in the world. 

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