How Your Child Will Benefit From A Multilingual Environment At Our Swiss Boarding School

August 8, 2023

At ENSR, students benefit from our holistic approach to education. Not only do we prioritize academic excellence but we introduce the skills students need to become well adjusted global citizens with the ability to think critically. From the curriculum to the learning environment, the experience at ENSR is curated to benefit students, offering them exposure to diversity, strong cognitive skills, and plenty of educational and career opportunities all over the world. A multilingual learning environment provides access to unique, global opportunities. Keep reading to uncover how multilingualism at ENSR will enrich your child’s education. 

Give Your Child Early Exposure To Diversity

ENSR provides students with a diverse environment that mimics the real world where cultural awareness is a highly valued skill. Students who speak multiple languages or are exposed to them are naturally more aware of different cultures and are more apt to respect them. Our students are encouraged to embrace diversity early on which promotes empathy and acceptance. In parallel to our bilingual French-English learning environment, we provide plenty of opportunities for students to learn new languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Russian. Through foreign language learning, students also develop an understanding of various cultures and master cultural competence. 

A Multilingual Education Promotes Strong Cognitive Functioning

Research shows that multilingualism enhances cognitive ability. By introducing children to more than one literacy system, our Swiss boarding school promotes increased executive functioning, significantly boosting their ability to solve a wide range of non-verbal problems that require attention and control. Speaking more than one language at an early age promotes cognitive development during critical stages in the life of a student thus improving brain function. Multilingual children benefit from having these skills throughout their lives. 

Students at ENSR are exposed to opportunities to learn multiple languages and engage their minds as they follow a rigorous programme which prepares them for both the International Baccalaureate Diploma as well as the Swiss Maturity Diploma. This academic excellence continues to open doors in students’ educational and professional futures as has been the case for the past 117 years.

Student at Swiss boarding school doing school work

Multilingualism at our Swiss boarding school enables students to develop various cognitive skills.

Our Swiss Boarding School Supports Global Citizenship And Opportunities 

Global citizenship is defined as an understanding of the wider world and an individual’s place in it. It transcends geographical and political borders, leaving doors open across the globe. By being exposed to various languages and cultures at our private school, students develop a sense of global citizenship. In addition, when they earn the globally recognized International Baccalaureate Diploma or Swiss Maturity Diploma, opportunities from all over the world open up. Speaking just one additional language makes graduates more appealing to potential employers, allowing them to attract high-level positions and competitive salaries. 

Student at Swiss boarding school writing a resume

A multilingual education at our Swiss boarding school enables students to benefit from competitive career opportunities.

At ENSR, we produce active and compassionate lifelong learners who respect diversity and strive to make the world a better place. With a multilingual background, your child’s future is bright. 

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