Welcoming Students of All Ages to Holiday Camps and Daycare at Our International School in Switzerland

March 9, 2022

At ENSR, we offer more for students than just excellent academic programmes. Situated in the heart of Europe, close to the beautiful Lake Geneva (Lac Léman), we welcome students of all ages from around the world to benefit from an internationally-oriented experience, both academically and socially. 

ENSR has various camps and childcare programmes during the holiday season, both in the summer and winter months. If you feel that your child would benefit from a dynamic, educational and active experience during their breaks from school, participating in a holiday programme could be a great opportunity. We offer an annual Summer Camps, Ski Camps, Windsurf Camps, and Holiday Daycare. Discover more about each of these programmes! 

Our Summer Camps Balance Academics and Fun

Each year, ENSR offers a Summer Camp in the mountain village of Champéry in pristine hotel accommodation, welcoming youth from ages 9 to 18 as well as students already enrolled at our Swiss International school. Our camp allows students to get the full Swiss experience, residing in the Alps, under the caring guidance of our experienced camp staff. 

Throughout the day, students enjoy a balance between learning and recreational activities. In the morning, small classes made up of 4 to 7 students meet for English or French lessons, designed for learners of all proficiency levels. In the afternoon, it’s time for activities, which may be sports-related or cultural. Students can take in the fresh air in a safe and serene environment while playing tennis, swimming, climbing, ziplining, exploring the Adventure Park and much more!  In the evenings our campers enjoy games, movies, disco parties and outings depending on their age. With an excursion or sport offered on the weekend, students can have an active, safe, and fulfilling experience at our Summer Camps. 

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Students can participate in activities such as ziplining at our Summer Camp

Make a Splash at Windsurf Camp

If your child is adventurous, spending some of their summer holidays at our Windsurf Camp could be a great opportunity. With no prior experience required, children aged 11 and up can join this camp and gain experience exploring a foreign country and building new sporting skills. In operation since 2003, ENSR’s windsurf camp has taken place all over Europe, from the Canary Islands to the Netherlands to the South of France and beyond. For those interested in windsurfing, paddle-boarding, and beach volleyball, in addition to various cultural activities, our engaging windsurf camp is a great fit.

international school Switzerland

Our Swiss boarding school offers a Windsurf Camp during the summer

Explore Ski Camps at Our Swiss Boarding School

Just a short distance away from some of the world’s best skiing destinations, ENSR also offers various Ski Camps. In addition to Ski Camp for Primary Classes 2, 3, and 4, consisting of students aged between 7 and 9, Ski Camp for Middle and Senior School students (aged between 10 and 18) is also available. If your child is not already enrolled at our private school in Lausanne, they are welcome to join a camp that’s right for their age group. 

During Ski Camp, students can participate in ski lessons and other winter activities. Participants are split into groups under the supervision of an ENSR instructor to ensure their safety. If your child is passionate about skiing, our Ski Camps can help them improve their skills, no matter their level of experience.

Consider Holiday Daycare For Younger Children

We understand that school holidays can be difficult for working parents. That’s why we also offer Holiday Daycare for children aged 3 to 7 years. During Holiday Daycare, students participate in an educational programme that might include games, arts and crafts, cooking, drawing, and other engaging activities. If you’re looking for an enriching experience for your child during the school holiday, explore ENSR’s Holiday Daycare.

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